Penn Bistro Catering - We Create Great Food, You Create Great Memories!


                                  $14.95/person includes the following:

Scrambled Eggs
Egg White Spinach Broccoli Quiche
Pick 2: Ham or Sausage Links or Bacon
Roasted Potatoes
Pick 1: Breakfast Pizza (House special) or French Toast Sticks
Beverages: Both Hot & Cold

Add on for additional fee:
     Fresh Fruit: $1.50/person
     Orange Juice:  $0.50/person (Apple juice can be substituted)
     Yogurt Bar:  $1.50/person

                                  $17.95/person includes the following:

The same standard breakfast menu as shown above plus the following additional items:
     The above breakfast menu plus
                                                                        1 entrée
                                                                      1 vegetable
                                                 pick 1: fresh  fruit salad or yogurt bar
                                         pick 1: orange juice, apple juice or cranberry juice.

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