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Buffalo Chicken Dip                                                $35.00/loaf
Spinach Artichoke Dip                                           $35.00/loaf
Caprese Salad  (bowled))                                     $50.00
Caprese Sticks (Skewered) (40 pieces)               $85.00
Stuffed Mushrooms (avg 2/person)                      $2.50/person
Vegetable Tray (small tray 15-20 people)           $35/tray
Vegetable Tray (large tray 25-30 people)          $50/tray
Cheese & Pepperoni (small tray 15-20 people)   $65/tray
Cheese & Pepperoni (large tray 25-30 people)   $85/tray
Crab Meat Dip with crackers (25 people)           $95.00/tray
Meatballs (choice marinara, swedish, jellied)   $85.00/tray
Wrapped cocktail franks with bacon (50 pieces) $65.00
Shrimp Cocktail                                                      $Market Price
Mini Pierogies                                                         $45.00/half tray
Anti Pasta Tray(based on #of choices chosen)   $TBD

(All appetizers below - 3 dozen minimum purchase required)

 Shrimp Salad - Shrimp and crabmeat chopped and combined then topped on romaine
                                        leaves (endive leaves when available).                  $Market
Sausage Puffs- Cooked sweet sausage folded in puff pastry then baked with a brush stroke of                                                 butter on the top.                                                           $14.00/dozen
Caramel Apple Bites - Apple filled cookies dipped in caramel and nuts.    $13.00/dozen
Cucumber Canapes - Delicate finger sandwiches with a creamy mayonnaise mixture spread over                                                    bread , topped with cucumber slices and garnished with pimentos and dill.
Sweet Potato Crostini - Sweet potatoes and pecans spread over french baguettes topped with                                                                brown sugar and lightly toasted marshmallow.        $14.00/dozen
Tomato Poppers - (Cucumber Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes). A tasty cherry tomato stuffed with a                                                     cream cheese, cucumber dill mixture.      $10.00/dozen

Tiny Taco Bites - Tacos created in small muffin size tortillas shells then baked.   $9.00/dozen
Cheesy Spinach Pinwheels -  $12.00/dozen
Bacon Wrapped Kielbasa w/ Brown Sugar Glaze - $18.00/dozen
Strawberry Basil Bruschetta -  A French baguette toasted then covered with Greek yogurt
                                            topped with strawberries and chopped basil, drizzled with a balsamic                                                              reduction and finished with slivered almonds.  $13.00/dozen
Meatball Cups - Meatballs baked in a half shell crescent cup topped with sauce, cheese, chopped                                              parsley. (Other toppings available).           $16.00/dozen

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